Tumbleweed and Graffiti

by Kristi Hines · Arizona, HDR, Tuba City

Somewhere in Northern Arizona (near Tuba City) on the way to Monument Valley, we spotted some urbex too good to pass up. Once called Standard Oil Products, this place is now filled with graffiti and a large collection of one of my favorite things about the desert – tumbleweed!

Standard Oil Products in Cow Springs, Tuba City Arizona Urbex

Camera: Nikon D3000 with 18-200mm Nikon Lens
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3, Photomatix Pro 4, Topaz Adjust

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Whoa! It makes me think of Los Alamos in New Mexico – after a text atom bomb has been exploded.

It’s poetic with those tumbleweed (what’s the plural?) all huddled in the corner waiting for the wind to change.
David recently posted..Right Royal Ecards To Celebrate The Royal Wedding



I meant to write ‘test atom bomb’, not ‘text atom bomb’ – I am continually amazed at how my fingers go off and write letters that they are thinking of, even when I am thinking of another word.
David recently posted..Right Royal Ecards To Celebrate The Royal Wedding


Ben Tucker

I also love the tumbleweed collection in the corner 😀
Ben Tucker recently posted..Subjet of the Week – Trees


Jimi Jones

Great shot, Kristi!

You captured a wonderful sky to go along with the graffiti. Nice work on the processing as well.
Jimi Jones recently posted..Rest Stop


Ryan Sexton

I like the way the clouds look. Have a great weekend.
Ryan Sexton recently posted..Happy Firday! – Red White and Blue Water Drop


Jim Nix

Looks like a productive trip, great find and cool shot Kristi! Jim


Chris Nitz

Great image today. Love the contrast of the awesome clouds to all the crud on the ground.
Chris Nitz recently posted..Lookin at You



Great shot! I love that cloud!



Very pretty
Azriel recently posted..I’m home and there’s a message waiting for me…



Wow, cool shot! It’s funny, I could see this being a movie set somehow…
A.Barlow recently posted..Ignis Crenata


Chris Frailey

Nice job Kristi. Always love a good AZ cloud day.
Chris Frailey recently posted..Silver Solarium


Chris Kenison

Wow, really like that sky. Well done!
Chris Kenison recently posted..Into the Mist


Toad Hollow Photography

Just amazing Kristi! Hard to imagine that this was once a thriving building full of activity. I really love that sky, too, totally awesome! Great capture!
Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Bear Mountain


Steve Beal

Great find Kristi! That sure is a collection of tumbleweed! Nicely composed and processed!
Steve Beal recently posted..Doodletown Stream


Chris DeAngelis

Great shot, nice decision to stop! Love the tumbleweed!
Chris DeAngelis recently posted..Golden Dragons Jet


Dave DiCello

You got some perfect lighting here Kristi, and that sky looks absolutely stunning, almost like it is painted! Incredible capture!
Dave DiCello recently posted..Looking back


Viveca Koh

What a wonderful location, and I love all the tumbleweed bundled into the centre of the wall!


Ryan Ankeny

I failed to notice the tumbleweed at first and then it hit me! Really cool pic.


Mike B.

Very cool photo! There is a lot of beauty in urban decay…
Mike B. recently posted..Inchworm Adult


Scott Webb

Everyone seems to love the sky, but I find it a bit much. I think it’s the one thing that needs more attention in the photograph. I love everything else and huge fan of the urban decay.

Goes to show you that we all have different tastes. great job getting out there and shooting!
Scott Webb recently posted..Nuwomb’s Instagram Wishlist


Oil Pastels Artist

I love the shot! Great color contrast between the sky and the rest, particularly that middle area where you have more golden colors. And the graffiti and crumbling wall gives it such character.
Oil Pastels Artist recently posted..Wet Lips – A Study in Oil Pastel Techniques



Hi Kristi,

Oh my goodness, your photographs are breathtaking! I love this new site you have started. And I am so glad you did, as your photographs were always a pleasure for me to view. And I also love your husband’s site… and wow, that was so nice to read that you got him into photography! He obviously has talent as well, so that worked out so good 🙂

This photo says so much, in fact, that is the common theme I am finding in your photos on this site, that without any words they are so powerful at telling a story.
Evita recently posted..Ready or Not



Amazing photo, Kristi. Love the composition and I appreciate the story told. 🙂

Gloson recently posted..Victoria Institution


Tom Baker

Ha great grab Kristi. I want to go see this place!
Tom Baker recently posted..POTD- Parking



Beautiful work Kristi! As many times as I’ve been tempted to stop at locations like this and take some photos I’ve always kept on rolling. Thanks for the motivation!
CreativeSilence recently posted..Little Dragon Feather


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