I have seen many sand castles in my lifetime, and even created a few simple ones (we’re talking back in the 80’s with the little pails that came with happy meals from McDonalds). But that’s beside the point. This sand castle was more than just someone shaping the sand. They managed to collect all of the random, unique, and beautiful items from the beach and put them together to create a little castle wonderland.

Sand Castle at Red Rocks Beach Phillip Island Australia

Camera: Nikon D3000 with 28-300mm Nikkor Lens
Details: Shot at 28mm, 1/125s – F/5.6, ISO 180
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3


The Waves

by Kristi Hines

Today’s shot is one I consider a bit abstract in the sense that there isn’t a lot of “reference” to the overall scene and location. It was taken near the London Bridge along the Great Ocean Road in Australia. You couldn’t actually get to the beach, which is probably why it was so pristine and beautiful. I just loved watching the waves rush onto the beach.

Beach Along the Great Ocean Road Australia

Camera: Nikon D3000 with 28-300mm Nikkor Lens
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3, Topaz Adjust


One of the things I enjoy when going to the beach is collecting seashells. While walking along one of the beaches down the Great Ocean Road, I walked through a rocky area where there were these holes filled with water, seaweed-like stuff, rocks, and of course, some awesome seashells. This one is a particularly colorful one that I wanted to capture and remember. I now have one of the shells out of it in my collection.

Seashell Treasure Chest on a Beach Down the Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia

Camera: Nikon D3000 with 28-300mm Nikkor Lens
Details: Shot at 62mm, 1/500s – F/5.6, ISO 140
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3