Phoenix Photowalk Lesson #1 – Anticipate Questions

by Kristi Hines · Arizona, HDR, Phoenix

This past weekend, I went on my first photowalk organized by Mike Olbinski and I learned a lot which I want to share over the course of the next few posts.

Lesson #1 – Anticipate Questions

Out of all of my mental expectations about what a photowalk would be like, the one thing I didn’t expect was for so many people to be simply curious about what a group of people armed with DSLRs and tripods were up to. It’s not like we look out of place, right?

Phoenix Photowalk March 2011

The commentary included:

  • “Are you paparazzi trying to catch Lady Gaga?” because there was coincidentally a concert downtown that night.
  • “Are you from National Geographic?” although I’m not sure that Nat Geo photographers run in packs.
  • “It must be for a class.” which definitely would have been an improvement on any classes I took in college.
  • “I’m ready for my photo shoot.” and various iterations of take a picture of me.
  • “They’re taking pictures of stairs – are they stoned?” because how boring is architecture, right?

The one thing I will say though is that everyone was pretty nice about the situation. The curiosity was all lighthearted!

Without further ado, here is my first favorite urbEx photo of the evening as well as first attempt at HDR processing. Parking meters mean a little more to me after traveling to Melbourne Australia and having to be on the lookout for them. Missing just one can cost you a hefty fee in parking tickets.

Parking Meter in Downtown Phoenix

Camera: Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm Nikkor Lens
Details: Shot at 18mm, F/11
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3, Photomatix Pro 4

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Jason Hines

Great post babe! Personally, I now find parking meters to be evil but you made a great shot out of this. Well done 🙂
Jason Hines recently posted..No Parking


Kristi Hines

After our experience with them, yes, they can be evil. This one didn’t give me any grief though, so I gave it a moment in the spotlight! 🙂


Mike Olbinski

I think I just have fun with those questions…people look incredulous sometimes at a bunch of photographers walking around. In a way, you can’t blame them…if I weren’t a photog and saw a bunch of people walking around with photo gear coming out their rear ends…I’d probably think they were a bunch of geeks in a club or something 🙂

But…it’s easy to brush off and ignore after awhile 🙂

Nice job with your first HDR…nice, subtle approach!
Mike Olbinski recently posted..Over the Fence- Oxidation


Kristi Hines

That’s true. I just thought it was amusing – I’m used to being known as a geek due to my intense computer usage, but I didn’t realize I’d be labeled as one with camera gear too. Oh well!

Glad the HDR turned out alright! I have a few more photos coming. Normally I’m a handheld, point and shoot type so this was an expansion of my photographic comfort zone! 🙂


@mqtodd Michael

Geeks are the new rock stars! Geek on Kristi, Jason and Mike. Great pics on this site and am introducing it to my favourite photographer friends on Twitter


Kristi Hines

I’d certainly like to think so Michael! 🙂 Thanks for the compliment and sharing it with your friends!


Ryan Sexton

Congrats on joining the HDR club! I can tell you the first HDR I ever did, was not this nice. In fact it was pretty awful 😉 It seems you and Jason I had a great time on your photo walk. I think I need to find one here in South Florida, or take a trip to Arizona.
Ryan Sexton recently posted..Leaving Black Canyon National Park- Colorado


Kristi Hines

Thanks Ryan! Have you tried searching for a photography group in Florida on



I like the top shot with everyone scattered around the scene.

I wonder whether the guy in the background ever got his tickets.
David recently posted..Help Bring Attention To Child In Need India This Mother’s Day


Kristi Hines

That’s why I chose that shot David. That guy in the back just adds to the moment! 🙂


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