Leapin Lemurs

by Kristi Hines · Arizona

That’s right folks… it’s all about the lemurs this Monday morning. I’ve seen a few here and there, usually no more than two at a time, but on this occasion, they were all out because they were waiting for food. Sadly for them, the zoo keeper just came by to feed the monkey across the way. But good for me, because I got a lot of great group shots, including this one.

Wildlife World Zoo Lemurs

Camera: Nikon D3000 with 55-200mm Nikkor Lens
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3, Topaz Adjust

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Dave DiCello

LOL! The one second from the left is just hysterical, could not be more relaxed! Great shot for sure Kristi, I love all their eyes!
Dave DiCello recently posted..Young love


Jim Denham

Love the lemurs! My kid is a big fan! Nice pic!
Jim Denham recently posted..Corner Post


Curt Fleenor

My kid loved this! Nice shot!
Curt Fleenor recently posted..Seen Better Days



lmao they look so dopey. Love these guys! Really good shot.

One of these days a trip to Madagascar will be in order to see them and all their cousins in the wild!!
A.Barlow recently posted..Face To The Sun


Chris DeAngelis

Love those eyes! They all look so suprised πŸ™‚
Chris DeAngelis recently posted..Elle’s Baptism


Jim Nix

haha great shot!


Toad Hollow Photography

Oh my GOD, I LOVE this shot!!! Really great expressions here! I can’t help but think of that movie “Madagascar” and find myself sitting here looking at this wonderful photo with a huge smile. Top drawer, Kristi, just wonderful!
Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..St Mary The Virgin


Irene Haas

Oh my, what beautiful eyes you have! Ummm, the lemurs also, ha! Just awesome as usual, thanks!


Steve Beal

What an awesome shot! Love it!


bob lussier

Love Lemurs!
bob lussier recently posted..The River Hymn



LOL! Super cute shot Kristi! Perfect timing too. =)
Gloson recently posted..Victoria Institution



These guys are awesome. They all look like they have had to much coffee.
Darcy recently posted..Spying on Thirsty Zebras


John Coulter

Haha Lemurs are weird looking! Great capture though! How long were they all staring like that for?
John Coulter recently posted..Tree with Vines


Kristi Hines

They sat there for a minute or two, then they all got up and marched off to another side of the island. πŸ™‚


Chris Frailey

Cute or psychotic? Hmmm. A fun shot never the less.
Chris Frailey recently posted..Explore


Jimi Jones

This is an adorable shot. πŸ™‚
They look like they posed for this.
Jimi Jones recently posted..Boys Lacrosse


Mike B.

Man, it must tire them out to ALWAYS be staring intensely like that…


Mike Criswell

This is just classic, well done!
Mike Criswell recently posted..Into the Void



Incredible photo – Look at their eyes and the expression … ! And the way they are sitting down as a family! Well-done. A great family portrait of these lemurs πŸ˜‰
Farnoosh recently posted..51 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is My Path to Fulfillment



I love these guys!
Justin recently posted..Morning Coffee


Mark Blundell

Gotta love the lemurs the second from left looks very relaxed, sitting back and chilling out!
Mark Blundell recently posted..Sinteranlage – Shore Leave


Captain Kimo

These guys are so cool all their little eyeballs are vibrant.
Captain Kimo recently posted..Storm Over Sugercane Field


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