Going Back to the Basics

by Kristi Hines · Arizona, Sedona

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been quiet on the photo-front. Over the past several weeks, I was in the final transition between 9 to 5 and becoming self-employed which involved a lot of 14+ hour workdays between my main job and securing freelance work on the side. Today is the first day that I am fully self-employed, which means after about eight hours (or less) in front of the computer, I’ll be done with work every day which is going to make a HUGE difference in my free time.

During this busy time, I didn’t do a lot of photography, and when I did, I didn’t have the same enthusiasm for it. So I decided to go back to the photo style I love – handheld and tripod-free. Something about it just makes me feel a bit more creative. I’ll still keep doing HDR from time to time, but I think for a bit I will bond with my camera + 50mm prime or my new little point & shoot (that still, thankfully, has some good manual settings) like I did in Sedona this past weekend. It was a beautiful little getaway, just me and my hubby enjoying the fall colors and crisp cool air before we both hit the road this week. I’ll be heading to Blog World in Los Angeles and he’ll be heading to southern Utah for a photo adventure!

Fall Colors in Oak Creek Canyon Near Sedona

Camera: Nikon D90 with 50mm Nikon Lens
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3

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