by Kristi Hines

Just as a heads up, this site uses:

  • Google Analytics – This free tool helps us track visitors who come to our website via cookies. It lets us know how long people are on the site, where they are from (generally, not specifically), where they came from (other website links, forums, social networks, email services, etc.), what keywords were used in search engines to find us, what size screen resolution they have (great for knowing if our site is fully accessible), and so on. It’s a analytics tool that is used on many websites, and nothing too personal is gained from the information.
  • Affiliate Links – These help us make some income from the site. We only use affiliate links for products that we use and fully recommend from trusted online vendors we have personally purchased from. Making income from this site means that we can upgrade our equipment often and continue to travel the world so we can share more amazing photos with our visitors.

Privacy Policy

Also, when it comes to privacy, any information we collect through our contact form, mailing list, or social media profiles will only be used by us and never shared with any third parties.

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