Urbex, Meet Rurex

by Kristi Hines

While going through some of my old photos, I found this one and though this would be a nice urbex shot. But then again, it’s in a very rural, non-urban area, so it really doesn’t make sense to call it urban exploration.

Enter rurex – rural exploration photography.

I wasn’t the first to think of this word, as there are a few sites that come up when you search rurex. But then Chris DeAngelis replied to a comment I made about his first urbex experience that it was really rurex.

So to get things rolling, here is my first rurex shot. I hope to get back to the South sometime soon to do a little more exploring.

Rurex Abandoned House in Mississippi

Also, sorry to be on the quiet front today, but it’s me and the hubby’s anniversary today. We have spent the weekend doing some photography in a beautiful place, and should be bringing back some great photos from there soon. Once we’ve dedicated the upcoming weekend to processing, that is. 🙂

Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3, Topaz Adjust