About Kristi Hines

by Kristi Hines

I have been into amateur photography for years, starting with a Canon Rebel 35mm through a few Fujis and now with my first Nikon. My photography style is handheld and auto when I want to be ready to take photos on the fly, which is especially helpful since I enjoy wildlife photography the most. A great example of this always ready mantra of mine is when I saw a buck pop out on the side of the road near the Grand Canyon – I was able to stick my camera out the window and start shooting immediately and capture the moment!

I have also started dabbling in the arts of HDR and urbex, one of my new found photography passions! I even enjoy spotting tiny intricacies through macro photography so that things you may not notice on a day to day basis can be seen in a larger than life way.

When I’m not out photographing the world, I am providing freelance writing and online marketing services to businesses and bloggers.

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This is me, by the way. Awesome portrait by my husband, Jason Hines at Jason Hines Photography!

Kristi Hines

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